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The foundation stone for a building drying system company was already laid in the eighties by Ernst Wild, father of the current CEO Werner Wild. At the time he focused on protecting buildings and ran a company called POLARIT 2000, which specialised in the renovation of building structures. The company used a polyurethane-based single component coating product that was innovative at the time and used for industrial, garage, cellar, balcony and laundry room floors.

The experience gained from this work led Ernst Wild to the realisation that coatings can only superficially protect buildings against the penetration of damp. However, if moisture penetrates the building structure from other directions, the surface coating itself can be seriously damaged in a very short time. This damage still becomes apparent, for example, in the form of discolouration, and in extreme cases results in the detachment of the coating.

Continuously searching for improvements, Ernst Wild tried to find a solution that protects various buildings against this penetration and destructive damp. At the inventor’s show in Basel, he stumbled over a new product that solved the problem by drying walls with electro-physical methods, without requiring any structural intervention.

In 1988, Ernst Wild therefore pioneered the Wall-Dry 2000 system and started drying the walls of various buildings using this method, which at

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the time was completely unknown. The first systems had a few teething problems, but were continually evaluated and developed further until the breakthrough in quartz technology in 1992. It was possible to optimise the frequency range of the wall drying systems so that all wall materials and all types of building structure could be treated, which resulted in the dehydration and dryness maintenance guarantee that we give today.

Werner Wild was already supporting his father back then and in 2003 founded the company home-dry® together with his wife Daniela Wild. The wall drying systems were constantly developed further and adapted to suit customer and market requirements, as well as to meet the rising demand for a sustainable and efficient solution. Today, home-dry® gmbh has subsidiaries in different countries and is an international supplier of high-quality Swiss products and system solutions for the drying of damp or wet buildings. During the long and successful history of home-dry, the OMBRELLO® wall drying system has dried thousands of buildings and protected them against the destructive consequences of damp walls.

home-dry – home-dry – We dry your building – sustainably and guaranteed.

home-dry is a family business. Since the 80’s we have gained extensive experience in the field of building drying. Our Swiss wall dehumidification system OMBRELLO® eliminates and prevents the cause of damp walls without structural measures, chemical-free and harmless to people, animals and plants. OMBRELLO® is therefore the most cost-effective alternative to structural remediation measures. Our clear service orientation enables us to offer a comprehensive, competent and satisfactory overall service. Every masonry dehumidification system we install is covered by the drainage and dry preservation guarantee.

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