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How we work

The drying process with our OMBRELLO® wall drying system involves five steps:

1. Building analysis (free of charge)
Damp can be due to a number of different causes. We offer you a non-binding and personal consultation, as well as professional inspection to locate the cause of the damp free of charge, including measurement on site.

2. Detailed quotation
We use the analysis and measurements to draw up a detailed quotation for the dehydration of your property.

3. Installation
We carry out the installation of the right OMBRELLO® wall drying system as well as positioning of the measuring points – without any structural or chemical measures and without the generation of electrosmog. All that is needed is a 230-VAC mains power socket.

4. Dehydration
Six and eighteen months after installation, we retake measurements to monitor and log the success of the drying process. The measurement data are analysed and summarised in an easily understandable report.

5. Guarantee
Once OMBRELLO® has been installed, we provide a dehydration and dryness maintenance guarantee. Should your building not be dry within three years at the most, we guarantee a full refund.