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Questions and answers

What is the OMBRELLO® wall drying system?
A wall drying system that runs in accordance with the electro-physical principle of field inversion for the elimination of ground and wall moisture over the entire building area without any structural measures.

How does the OMBRELLO® wall drying system work?
OMBRELLO® technology replaces defective or lacking damp-proofing courses and eliminates rising damp and moisture penetrating from the side of dry stone, concrete, brick and wooden walls. The capillary effect in walls is neutralised, which means that no moisture can rise up into or penetrate into the walls. The existing moisture returns to the soil. The original insulation value of the dry walls is then restored.

What can be achieved with the OMBRELLO® wall drying system?
OMBRELLO® eliminates the cause of flaking paint and crumbling plaster, wall erosion, mouldy odours, mildew, salt efflorescence and black stains on walls. High room humidity is lowered and resulting health risks such as allergies, colds, rheumatism etc. can be minimised.

Where is the OMBRELLO® wall drying system used?
OMBRELLO® can be used in all types of buildings. These include old and new builds with and without a cellar, single-family homes and apartment blocks, holiday properties at home and abroad, hotels, schools and offices, halls, garages, factories, civil protection facilities as well as historic buildings, listed buildings, churches, castles, galleries and museums.

How big is the OMBRELLO® wall drying system?
The electrical housing of the OMBRELLO® wall drying system (except D7+) covers a wall area the size of an A4 sheet (W 290 x H 220 mm) and has a depth of 140 mm.

How many OMBRELLO® wall drying systems are necessary for drying a building?
An entire building, with all its inside and outer walls, can be covered by one OMBRELLO® system. The effective radius is modified to suit the size of the building as well as the degree of damage.

Does the OMBRELLO® wall drying system require any maintenance?
The OMBRELLO® systems are maintenance-free.

Does the OMBRELLO® wall drying system cause electrosmog?
The OMBRELLO® systems do not generate any electrosmog and do not emit any radiation, which could be dangerous for humans, animals or plants. Technical functional description (PDF)

Does the OMBRELLO® wall drying system emit any noise?
The OMBRELLO® system is completely silent and free from electrosmog.

Is the OMBRELLO® wall drying system susceptible to faults?
If the electrical power should fail, the drying process is automatically re-activated and the LED function display lights up green. The OMBRELLO® systems come with lightning protection.

How long is the operational life of an OMBRELLO® wall drying system?
The high-quality electronic components of the system are not exposed to damaging overheating or vibration. The operational life of our OMBRELLO® wall drying system is 30 to 50 years.

How long is the guarantee for the OMBRELLO® wall drying system?
Our OMBRELLO® wall drying systems are high-quality Swiss products. We provide a 10-year guarantee for each device.

Where is the OMBRELLO® wall drying system installed?
It is installed in a central position on the floor of the building. Partition walls, doors and floors do not hinder the effect.

How long does it take for the OMBRELLO® to dry the walls?
Depending on the moisture level in the walls and the building structure, the drying process generally takes 12 to up to 36 months. This time depends on the wall thickness, the moisture levels in the walls and the height to which the damp has risen. Salt deposits in the walls and the air circulation in the rooms (ventilation) affect the process depending on the time of year. Partition walls, floors and stairs are also dried.

How long does it take for a house to dry on average?
Normally around 18 months.

What accelerates the drying process?
The drying process can be accelerated by removing old paint, plaster and render, very good room ventilation and drainage of meteoric water.

When is it not possible to use the OMBRELLO® wall drying system?
If the damp is not caused by capillary moisture (if the moisture does not rise or penetrate from the side).

What are the first signs that the OMBRELLO® wall drying system is working?
The smell of mould and mildew disappears after six to twelve months. The walls feel warm and dry. Condensation of the high relative humidity in the room on cold surfaces is eliminated. Mildew and dry rot are banished as the drying process deprives them of the moisture they require.

Is my property affected by capillary wall damp?
Before we can assess the moisture of a building, it has to be analysed. We offer a free, non-binding building analysis service. We would be pleased to arrange an appointment with you. Our specialist inspects your property and on the basis of the analysis we draw up a written offer for drying your property.

Which advantages does the OMBRELLO® wall drying system offer in comparison to other wall drying methods?
The non-invasive OMBRELLO® technology does not require any intervention in the building structure and therefore does not produce any noise, dirt or dust. No chemicals are used, and OMBRELLO® is therefore environmentally friendly and does not harm the building’s structure.

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