Trockenlegungsfrima home dry

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Foundation in Berne BE
A small device with great effects. I am really enthusiastic about the pleasant atmosphere in the rooms and high living quality. Many thanks for your support and the effective and extremely good service.

Foundation in Biel BE
Works really well, although I’m still not really sure how! But it doesn’t matter; the main thing is that the cellar is dry.

Mr and Mrs R. from Münsingen BE

It’s definitely drier, no more mouldy odours, I can put paper on the floor without it getting wet. Thank you very much for your assistance, effort and understanding.

Ms F. from Heiligenschwendi BE

The mouldy smell has gone. Improved living quality. Accommodating and professional consultation, thank you.

Ms G. from Twann BE (winery)
The mouldy smell was gone after just a few days.

Mr & Mrs R. from Bätterkinden BE

The mouldy smell in the cellar rooms has improved considerably. A professional, conscientious company.

Ms K. from Liebefeld BE

Pleasant room climate. Laundry always dries, even if the outside air is damp. The plaster has stopped crumbling, no more grey areas. The pebble floors will hopefully become drier.

Cantonal Building Office, Bern BE (Münchenbuchsee school )

Can’t really say at the moment, the walls first have to be renovated, but I’m confident that the problem has been solved with your help. Competent and friendly.

Mr & Mrs S. from Belp BE
Very effective.

Mr v. S from Saanenmöser BE

Residential property from 1769. Mildew on cellar and studio walls. Minimum fuss for measurement and installation. Very successful (will continue to observe). The function was well explained.

Trockenlegungsfrima home dry

Ms S. from Bätterkinden BE (house in Zaugenried)
There is no doubt that the system works. It is somewhat slow, but I was warned about this beforehand. Very friendly and competent advice from Mr Wild! Everything was carefully explained and demonstrated.

Mr T. from Reichenbach BE (building in Frutigen)

The mouldy odour has disappeared from the entire cellar level. You can now feel that the atmosphere in the room is dry.

Ms G. from Worblaufen BE
The atmosphere in the room has improved.

Ms H. from Chur GR

The investment was definitely worthwhile.

Mr & Ms M. from Mels SG

Much less redecorating. It’s a bit early for us to say anything definitive – next year we will be able to say more! We appreciate the reliability and good customer service!

Mr & Ms M. from Stein am Rhein SH

In spite of our initial scepticism, the atmosphere in our bedroom has noticeably improved. The bed no longer feels damp. Many thanks, wishing you much success for your business, best regards.

Church in Neuhausen SH

The indoor climate has improved considerably and the mouldy smell has almost completely disappeared.

Mr & Ms G. from Goldau SZ

The atmosphere in the rooms is so much better; the mouldy smell has completely gone. Thank you!

Mr R. from Niederuzwil SG
The indoor climate is now really pleasant. Laundry dries much more quickly. It doesn’t smell musty any more. The paint will now stay on the walls again.

Mr P. from Uerikon ZH

With the evaluations I now have the evidence/proof that the building is now being maintained more effectively.

Mr & Mrs F. from Zurich ZH
The cellar is now dry and we can use it again normally.

Mr M. from Winterthur ZH
In comparison to a structural solution, very inexpensive and easy to install.

Mr & Mrs N. from Stäfa ZH
I hardly noticed the drying system. No negative experiences. The visits were always very friendly.

Trockenlegungsfrima home dry

Mr & Mrs S. from Goldach SG
Positive effects at the beginning. After a pipe leak in the floor the damp started rising again. Good results after the pipe was closed off.

Mr K. and Mrs B. from Salmsach TG

Uncomplicated and efficient in the time needed. All rooms can now be used in the affected cellar.

Mr R. from Bottighofen TG

The atmosphere in the cellar has improved considerably after around two years. The temperature in the wine cellar in summer is 12°C, the façade wall is practically dry. It took a long time until the moisture lessened on the natural stone wall.

Housing association from Baar ZG

After 20 months the walls are dry and nothing flakes off any more. Very good, competent advice and information.

Mr R. from Rüti ZH

I was really enthusiastic about this system and the results are also positive. All in all, I’m very satisfied and will recommend your company. Also many thanks for the brochure.

Mr M. from Zollikon ZH

We appreciate the Ombrello advantages; no structural work, no electrosmog, economical and durable. After three and a half years of operation, no flaking paint or crumbling plaster, and also no more mouldy smells. Thank you very much for the all-round super cooperation and service!

Mr K. – Housing association from Zurich ZH

As we used the top floors in some buildings on our residential estate, the tenants had to take their possessions from the attics into the cellars. With “home-dry” we were able to dry the cellars out and the tenants are satisfied.

Mr S. from Adetswil ZH

Pleasant atmosphere in the room. We are very satisfied!

Mr & Mrs F. from Bubikon ZH

Maintains the long-term stability of the foundation walls. After renovation no more flaking paint or crumbling plaster.

Ms L. from Herrliberg ZH

All the unpleasant odours have disappeared.

Mr H. from Hombrechtikon ZH

Great technology.

Ms D. from Küsnacht ZH
The atmosphere in the cellar is more pleasant.

Ms G. from Küsnacht ZH

The unpleasant smell in the office has disappeared, the damp in the cellar is improving – the building is protected. Thank you very much for the positive and friendly service.

Mr & Mrs G. from Meilen ZH (holiday home in Rüti GL)

The mouldy smell in the cellar has disappeared; the reduction in damp is satisfactory.

Ms S. from Rüschlikon ZH (property in Altstätten SG)
Pleasant smell on the ground floor and in the cellar. At the moment we are unable to tell whether we have saved on heating costs. In spite of the expensive bill it was worth buying this small “machine”.

Trockenlegungsfrima home dry

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